Butterfly collection

Butterflies are best know for their transformation during metamorphosis. They are unique in their polychromatic nature, beautifully sculpted wings and ability to travel long distances. The cultural application of their popular motif in literary and visual arts make them a force of nature.

Dreamed in Atlanta and handmade in Italy of highest quality acetate, this limited collection boasts of cat eye features, universal nasal bridge fit, sculpted angular edges, and vibrant colors for an elegant finish.

Ona was inspired by the Tribal ëyës customer who is a global citizen, hence their names.
The Monarch is home to North America where the brand is based. The Angolan is found in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and most of Western & Southern Africa. The Wanderer is found in India, Southeast Asia and Australia. The Admiral is found in Europe, North Africa, and North America. 

To stay true to our ethos-of infusing our culture, this collection will be accessorized with limited- pieces recycled Aso-oke cloth cases inside the standard gold cases. 

We want the world to see us and our culture through our own eyes.