It's not your nose, it's your eyewear! You have been wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses but never understood how to shop based on your fit. We believe in empowering our tribe and this page will educate you on how to understand your nose, nasal bridge and cheek bones fit as you shop for your next pair of eyewear here.


  1. Nasal bridge diameter

    Look on the inside of your eyewear, there are 3 numbers, the middle number is the nasal bridge diameter and our main focus here at Tribal eyes. Look at our Amber sunglasses above, the numbers inside will state 74-18-150. Take note of 18mm,  thats the nasal bridge diameter. All eyepieces have these 3 numbers (74mm is the lens width and 150mm temple length). We know based on our research that if you fit your nose and nasal bridge right the other aspects of your eyewear will fit right. 

    Nasal bridge diameters can range from 14-31mm.             <16mm: Narrow nasal bridge diameter
    16-17mm: Medium nasal bridge diameter             ≥ 18mm: Wide nasal bridge diameter                                                                    

  2. Nose bridge height.
    High: Close to the eyes
    Medium: Midway between eyes and cheekbones
    Low: Close to cheekbones     
  3. Cheek bones height.
    High: Close to nose top
    Medium: Midway between top of nose and tip
    Low: Close to nose tip                                                                                              
**These suggestions are based on documented peer reviewed research and research on our customers. Personalized try-on are the best avenues to identify nasal bridge fit and virtual try-on if unable to physically visit our Atlanta store or different pop ups.