July 30-Aug 5: Order one ‘Hot girl summer’ sunglasses in white and get a free Lolita sunglasses in red, to hit the streets and beach in style!


Do you offer prescription, readers or progressive lenses?
Not at the moment, we will begin these services very soon

Can I take these to my local optician to replace with my Rx lenses?
Our glasses are made of great quality and can withstand all types of lenses. Caution should be taken by optician. As is typical of all eyewear, there is the possibility of damage if improperly done

Do lenses come in other colors?
We offer clear lenses and some of our current products have sunglasses lens option. More colors to follow.

Are sunglasses lenses polarized?
Our lenses are non-polarized. Amongst our ‘coming soon’ products are polarized sunglasses, stay tuned for when they become available

Do you have anti blue lenses?
We will begin anti blue lenses in a few months